Samantha Harlow

Music Production:

* The styles; Rock, Country, Pop, Alternative/Indie & Metal

* Full in-house professional recording studio
* All aspects of recording, sound design and editing

* Real instruments blended with programming

* Input on how to make your songs their best

* Arrangement ideas infused with coaching

* 30 years of real world music busness experience

Songwriting & Composition:

Here for a lot of people is where the rubber meets the road. If you don't have a great song, it's like trying to build a house on quicksand. James has written 1000s of songs over his career with countless placements in film, television and exsisting artists. He has done everything from Pop to Country to Rock. If needed, he can lend an ear and his expertise to help shape your songs and musical vision.

Vocal Coaching & Voice Production:

You are in for a treat if James works with you as a singer. His 25 year career as a vocal coach has seen him coaching on air with American Idol and behind the scenes for Glee, Disney and Nikelodeon. His client list speaks for itself. Let him work you behind the mic and see what happens. A great vocal performance is the icing on a breathtaking record. Buckle in and let the show begin...

Session Musician & Studio Singer:

James' experience in the studio and on tour makes him an enciclopedia of knowladge and chops. He has done it all from playing guitar for the band Dokken and the Broadway rendition of Rock Of Ages at The Venetian in Las Vegas to sing for the Scottish supergroup Nazareth. James and his crew play all the instruments. It's an incredible way for an artist to allow their music to come to life and see it's full potential. 

Mixing & Mastering:

The best of old and new colide at Hemispheres. The greatest analog equipment in the history of pro audio integrates with today's finest Digital Audio Workstation, Protools 11HDX. It is truely the best of both worlds, analog warmth with the punch of digital. James has mixed for many major labels here in the states and overseas. The studio also streams on-line for the Ultimate Mixing Online experince.

The Studio

James' recording facility is centrally located in Nashville Tennessee and streaming world wide via Nicecast, Source-Live and Skype. Come to Hemispheres Recording and make a record or stay home and have your record mixed by world class Hybrid Mixer James Lugo while you listen in at full bandwidth and assist in the recall process. It's the best of both worlds, hear your record being finished on your speakers at home or in your studio.  


One of the things that seperates us from many other studios is when you come here to record you not only get a world-class engineer that's a producer and plays many instrument but is also a professional vocal coach with 25 years of experience making records in Los Angeles.

Full production, songwriting, tracking, reamping, mixing & mastering are available.

Studio A

Protools 2018.1 HDX (High Sierra)

MacPro Intel (12 Core/40 Gigs Ram)
UAD-2 Octo PCIe Card (8 DSP Chips)
2 - Apogee Symphony Convertors (16 in, 48 out)
Burl B2 Bomber Stereo ADC
Burl B32 Analog Summing Mixer
Genelec 1031A Powered Monitors 
Yamaha NS10s & Yamaha PC2002M Power Amp
Blue Sky 12 Sub / DBX 223XL Crossover
Crane Song Avocet Monitoring System
PreSonus FaderPort Motorized Fader

Audio Accessories Patchbays

All Mogami & GepCo Cables

Tripp Lite LCR2400 Power Conditioner

Studio B

MacBook Pro Intel (High Sierra)​
Samson Resolv SE6 Powered Monitors 
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Convertors
2 - Mackie Mix12FX Mixer


2 - Vanguard V13 Tube Condensor Mics
​1 - Beyerdynamic M 201 TG Mic

1 - Shure SM7b Dynamic Mic
2 - Sennheiser MD 421 Mics
3 - Sennheiser e604 Drum Mics
1 - Shure Beta58 Mic
6 - Shure SM57 Mics
2 - Shure SM58 Mics
1 - Shure Beta 52 Mic

1 - AKG C 3000B Mic

1 - Heil PR20 Mic

Mic Pres:

2 - BAE 1073MPF Stereo Mic Preamp/Filter 

2 - Aphex J Pre 500
8 - Audient ASP800 Mic Preamps
2 - Presonus MP20 Mic Preamps

Compressors, EQs & Effects:
Urei 1176LN Compressor Rev F (Vintage)
Eventide H3000 D/SE Effects Processor
Lexicon PCM42 Digital Delay 
Peavey Kosmos V2 Spatial Enhancer
Aphex 204 Aurel Exciter (Big Bottom)
Furman P10 (Punch 10 Sub Harmonic)

Plugins & Software:

UAD-2 1176 Classic Limiting Amplifiers
UAD-2 610-B Tube Preamp/EQ
UAD-2 Ampeg SVT Bass Amplifier
UAD-2 GK Bass Amplifier
UAD-2 API Vision Channel Strip
UAD-2 ATR-102 Mastering Tape Deck
UAD-2 Brainworx bx_digital V2 EQ
UAD-2 EL-34 Echoplex

UAD-2 EMT 140 Plate Reverb

UAD-2 EMT 250 Digital Reverb
UAD-2 Fairchild 670 (Legacy)
UAD-2 Fatso Tube Saturation
UAD-2 Helios Type 69 EQ

UAD-2 Lexicon 224 Reverb

UAD-2 Maag EQ

UAD-2 Manley Vari-Mu Compressor

UAD-2 Massenburg EQ

UAD-2 Neve 31102 EQ
UAD-2 Precision Mix Rack Collection

UAD-2 Pultec Pro Equilizers (Legacy)

UAD-2 RealVerb

UAD-2 Studer A800 Tape Machine

UAD-2 Teletronix LA-2A Leveling Amplifier (Legacy)
UAD-2 UA Precision Enhancer Hz
UAD-2 Vertigo VSC-2

Waves Platinum Bundle
Waves SSL 4000 Bundle
Waves CLA & JJP Bundles
Waves Trans X (Transient)
FabFilter FX Bundle, Pro-L, EQ etc..
Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle

Lexicon PCM Native Effects Bundle

Avid HEAT (Console & Tape Simulation)

Steven Slate Virual Mix Rack (with everything)

Steven Slate Virtual Tape Machines

SoundToys; Echoboy, Tremolator, Decapitator
Xfer LFO Tool (Ducking - Side Chain)

TDR Nova Dynamic EQ

NUGEN Stereoizer - Widener

Brainworx bx_shreadspread

Valhalla; Room, Vintage Verb, Shimmer, Mod Reverbs
Massey Comp, L2007 Limiter, Tape Delay, Desser
Softube, Reverb TSAR

Joey Sturgis Gain Reduction

Izotope Vinyl, DDLY & Vocalsynth 2
Mr. Talkbox Jr. Yamaha DX100 Program

Cranesong Phoenix
Sound Radix AutoAlign & Drum Leveler
Smack, Slightly Rude Compressor, Revibe
SPL Tranient Designer

Celemony Melodyne

Anteras Autotune

Protools Vocalign

Guitars & Basses:

Gibson Les Paul Standard (WB 'Fire') Black
Gibson Les Paul Epi GR (Br 59/Custom - Nc 59)
Fender Telecaster Road Worn (Lollars Special Ts) 
Fender Telecaster American Standard (Fralin 'Stock')
Fender Stratocaster '78 (Fralin 'Woodstocks')
Gretsch Pro Jet (w/ Bigsby & Filtertron Pups)
Danelectro '59 Reissue (Intonatable bridge) 12 String
Yamaha Revstar  RS502T (P90s)
WCR Les Paul (American Steele)
Martin DC-16RGTE Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 614-CE Acoustic Guitar
Tanglewood TW28/12 CLN CE 12 String Acoustic
Yamaha BB735A Active/Passive P/J 5 String Bass

Fender Jazz 1985 MIJ (Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder)
Fender P Bass MIM (Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder)

Amps & Cabs:
Marshall '03 JCM800 100w Cameron Ocean Mod  
Marshall '77 JMP w/Master Volume 50w (Stock)
Bogner Uberschall Original Revision - 2 Channel
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Rev G - 2 Channel
Vox AC30 C2 (2X12 Combo) w/Temelo
Fender Deluxe Reverb RI (DRRI)
Mesa Boogie Traditional Cab (Greenback 25w / V30s)
Mesa Boogie Oversized Cab (Greenback 25w / V30s)
Mesa Boogie 2x12 Vertical Slant Cab (G12T-75s)

Guitar & Bass Pedals:
Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer Multi-Effects Pedal w/App
Wampler Terraform Modulation Pedal
Strymon Mobius Modulation Pedal
Strymon Big Sky Reverb and Space Pedal
Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal with App
Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus
TC Electronics Flashback X4 Tap Tempo Delay
TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay

Keisman Early Bird Overdrive 

Fulltone OCD Overdrives
Maxon OD808 Overdrive Pedal
Greer Amps Lightspeed Overdrive Pedal
Way Huge Smalls Russian Pickle MKlll Fuzz
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
Visual Sound Visual Volume Pedal
2 - MXR 10 Band EQ Pedals
2 - ISP Decimator II Noise Gates
Boss GE-7 EQ Pedal
Radial Tonebone JX-2 Pro Switchbone Amp Switcher

Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI V2

MXR Bass Compressor
MXR Bass Octave Deluxe
TC Electronics Tuner Mini 2
TC Electronics Polytune 3
Voodoo Labs Dingbat Pedalboard Medium w/4x4
Korg DTR 2000 - Digital Tuner
Line6 X2 Digital Guitar Wireless
Ebow, Slide, Capo 

Guitar Amp Sim & Plugins:
IK MultiMedia Amplitube (All amps, cabs & FX)

TSE X50 Amp Modeler (All amps, cabs & FX)

Joey Sturgis Toneforge Menace (All amps, cabs & FX)
UAD SVT & GK (All amps, cabs & FX)
Avid 11 Rack (All amps, cabs & FX)
Waves Gtr (All amps, cabs & FX)

Midi Controllers & Keyboards:

Studiologic SL990 88 Weighted Keyboard Controller
Akai MPK249 Keyboard Controller

Akai MPC Live Standalone Beat Maker
Native Instruments Maschine MK3


Virtual Instruments & Programming:

Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate
Omnisphere 2.6 Synth Plugin
Keyscape Keyboard Sampler
Serum Wavetable Synth Plugin
Ana 2 Analogue Synth
Nexus 2 Synth Workstation Plugin
Serum/Ana/Massive Presets by Echo Sound Works
Addictive Drums 2 Complete Collection
Superior Drummer 3
Nerve Drum & Beat Manipulator 
Steven Slate Trigger

Vengeance; Essential Producer FX Bundle 2

Vengeance; Tape Stop, Glitch Bitch, Philta XL
Avid: Structure, Xpand, Vacuum


Turntable, Reamp & DIs

Audio-Technica LP-120 Turntable w Radial J33 DI Stereo

Little Labs Redeye 3D DI & Re-amplifier

A Designs KGB-1tf Instrument Preamp/DI

Video Studio:
Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera
Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lens
Canon EFS 10-18 IS STM Wide Angle Lens
Rode VideoMic Pro Directional Mic
Joby GorillaPod Ballhead Stand
Apple iPhone 8 (4K Video)
Ledgo VersaTile LG-V58C1K1- LED Light
Savage Luminous Pro LED Ringlight PLUS
Final Cut Pro X Editing Software
Motion 3D Graphic Editing Software
Camtasia 2 Screen Capture Software
Adobe Photoshop Software
Adobe Lightroom Software

News & GiGS

James Lugo LIVE
January 6th - 8th 2021
Ipop! Singing Convention
Lecturing on Singing

Location: Virtual
James Lugo LIVE
January 16th - 18th 2021
IN Singing Convention
Lecturing on Singing

Location: Virtual

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