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Artist Development program

James Lugo's Artist Development Program is a full service agency offering vocal coaching, songwriting and music production along with photography, image consulting, hair, make-up and video & EPK (Electronic Press Kit) production.

We have decades of experience turning budding singers into full fledged pop artists in the music business. 

Music & Video Production:

* The styles; Pop, Rock, Country, Alternative/Indie & Metal

* Full in-house professional recording & video studio
* All aspects of recording, sound design and editing

* Real instruments blended with programming

* Input on how to make your songs their best

* Arrangement ideas infused with coaching

* 30 years of real world music busness experience

Songwriting & Composition:

Here for a lot of people is where the rubber meets the road. If you don't have a great song, it's like trying to build a house on quicksand. James has written 1000s of songs over his career with countless placements in film, television and exsisting artists. He has done everything from Pop to Country to Rock. If needed, he can lend an ear and his expertise to help shape your songs and musical vision.

Vocal Coaching & Voice Production:

You are in for a treat if James works with you as a singer. His 25 year career as a vocal coach has seen him coaching on air with American Idol and behind the scenes for Glee, Disney and Nikelodeon. His client list speaks for itself. Let him work you behind the mic and see what happens. A great vocal performance is the icing on a breathtaking record. Buckle in and let the show begin...

Jon Karr - Cinematographer, Videographer & Photographer

As an advocate for artists, Jon understands that you will always be seen before you are heard. Great visuals will ensure that your audience hits play.

Since 2011, Jon has worked with hundreds of musicians and brands. His portfolio includes: CMT, New York Minute Magazine, Musicians Corner, Alabama, Native, American Songwriter, The Tennessean, The Boston Globe, Red Bull, Pen and Public, Barge Designs, and more. 


Lorena Lopez - Hair, Make-Up & Image Consultant

I am an LA native now living in Nashville TN. I’ve worked in the entertainment and beauty industry since the early 90s.  I am available for Hair, Makeup , Art Directing and now as a Director.



Artist development packages and breakdowns:

We offer 2 song, 3 song, 5 song and full record packages with photo session and video available. All Artist Development Programs can also have Private Voice Lesson Packages included. Larger packages are available upon request. All songs are fully produced, mixed and mastered being delivered 'Radio Ready'. Meaning, songs are ready for release on all formats; Radio, TV, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc...

When the songs are complete I can assist in the copyright process and getting the songs uploaded on to Spotify and Apple Music and help you start to structure a game plan for success.

News & GiGS

James Lugo LIVE

June June 1st - 2nd 2024
Barbizon Showcase
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Westin Dallas, TX

James Lugo LIVE
June 24th - 27th 2024
Industry Network Showa
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Sheridan Universal

James Lugo LIVE
June 28th - July 2nd 2024
iPOP! Singing Convention
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Anaheim Hilton
James Lugo LIVE
July 28th to Aug 2nd 2024
Passport To Discovery
Barbizon Singing Contest
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Disney Resort

Orlando, Fla
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