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Music & Video

Production,  Mixing & Mastering by James Lugo

The Veronicas - Vocal Coaching and Vocal Production

Forever - Mixing

Running Empty - Production, Writing. & Coaching

A Fine Frenzy - Vocal Coaching and Vocal Production

TV Commercials that James Lugo Produced the Music

songs by James Lugo

licensing cues by James Lugo

News & GiGS

James Lugo LIVE

June June 1st - 2nd 2024
Barbizon Showcase
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Westin Dallas, TX

James Lugo LIVE
June 24th - 27th 2024
Industry Network Showa
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Sheridan Universal

James Lugo LIVE
June 28th - July 2nd 2024
iPOP! Singing Convention
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Anaheim Hilton
James Lugo LIVE
July 28th to Aug 2nd 2024
Passport To Discovery
Barbizon Singing Contest
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Disney Resort

Orlando, Fla
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