James Lugo

Guitarist & Singer

Email: james@jameslugo.com
Cell: 615 540 9108
Youtube: youtube.com/jameslugo

James live playing bass and singing

James live playing Guitar and singing

James singing, play guitar, writing and producing

The Day That I'm Afraid - James Lugo
Around The World In 30 Days - James Lugo
Cage - James Lugo

News & GiGS

James Lugo LIVE
Aug 7 - 12th 2021
Passport to Discovery 
Barbazon USA
Lecturing on Singing

Location: Buena Vista Orando 
James Lugo LIVE
Jan 14th - 17th 2022
Industry Network Showacase
Lecturing on Singing

Location: LAX Hilton  
James Lugo LIVE
Winter 2022
iPOP! Singing Convention
Lecturing on Singing

Location: Orlando Marriot