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Vocal Tips!

David Katz and Jan Alan Schwartz of Superior Vocal Health and I would like to welcome you to Vocal Tips with Celebrity Vocal Coach James Lugo. This will be an ongoing video series designed to help singers with everything from their vocal health and stamina to chops, range and warmups. I have been a vocal coach to the stars for 25 years and have endless real world experience with not only helping form great voices but rehabbing them and keeping them strong for the riggers of the road. 

Superior Vocal Health's products have aided me in not only the health of my own voice but countless clients. I really believe in SVH.

Here is the DOWNLOAD Link For the Vocal Warmups: LINK

-James Lugo, Master Vocal Coach, Nashville TN

Featured Vocal Tip Video

Tip #5 Great Voice Suppliments

Tip #5 Great Voice Suppliments

Tip #1 Basic Warmups Pt 1

Tip #2 Basic Warmups Pt 2

Tip #3 Vocal Health

Tip #4 James & Jaime Vendera, Singing When Sick

News & GiGS


James Lugo LIVE
March 22nd - 25th 2024
Ozark Talent Bank

Lecturing on Singing
Location: Bentonville AK

James Lugo LIVE
June June 1st - 2nd 2024
Barbizon Showcase
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Westin Dallas, T
James Lugo LIVE
June 24th - 27th 2024
Industry Network Showa
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Sheridan Universal

James Lugo LIVE
June 28th - July 2nd 2024
iPOP! Singing Convention
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Anaheim Hilton
James Lugo LIVE
July 28th to Aug 2nd 2024
Passport To Discovery
Barbizon Singing Contest
Lecturing on Singing
Location: Disney Resort

Orlando, Fla
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